What to Wear for Spring in 2022?

What to Wear for Spring in 2022?

This winter, the most fun way to get through the blues and the news that Covid-19 is planning to wreak havoc on your holiday plans again is to go on a shopping spree in preparation for spring. Spring is always a time for rebirth, and when it comes to fashion, that means switching to lively and fresh looks. Based on what was on the fashion runways this year, here's a look at some of the fashion pieces that will make you look stylish and lively this coming spring.


1. Plaid Skirt Suits


Cher Horowitz's classic style is everyone's spring favorite. Wear your plaid mini skirt with a bodysuit, a long coat with mini puffy sleeves, and a belt to accentuate your waist and give strong, beautiful woman vibes.



2. Shades of Yellow


One of the best songs of the summer was Lorde's Solar Power, in which she sings about escaping the hassles of mundane life and hitting the beach with her buddies to catch some rays.  She looked really pretty in a bright sunshine yellow two-piece crop top and skirt outfit.

In the spirit of Lorde's song and style, you too can glow in lemon, marigold, buttercup, yellow, banana, or honey colors. It's easy to find a shade of yellow that pairs well with your skin tone. Undertones with warmer hues, such as butterscotch and honey work best with warm undertones, while undertones with cooler hues work well with cool undertones.



3. Mini Skirts


The miniskirt trend is real, and you too can get into the style and showcase your carefree spirit. Whether you prefer a slim leather miniskirt, a sports-inspired tennis skirt, or simply an airy mini dress, there are so many ways to make this spritely slim look work for you.  Even if you don't want to show as much leg, you can still give miniskirts a try by adding tights underneath for extra coverage.


4. Solar power colors


Apart from the yellow hue, other solar power shades will be gaining prominence in 2022. Colors such as bronze, gold, amber, and marigold, will dominate in spring 2022. As far as prints and patterns go, floral prints and stripes are set to return in a big way.


5. Knee-High Boots

The knee-high boot is a fun way to add style while showcasing those long legs. It's a 60's inspired fashion piece that can be paired with a mini skirt or dress, a funky pair of leggings, or a rollneck. For a sexy look, go for sleek and tight boots. But if you want a relaxed feel, go for the slouchy ones.



6. Wedding Vibes


Even if you are not exchanging vows in 2022, it doesn't mean wedding-inspired fashion is not for you. Ethereal gowns are for every lady, not just brides. So, feel free to show up to work or get-togethers in all-white pieces that give wedding vibes.


7. Crazy Cutouts


Missing limbs, ovary slices, and peekaboo necklines are just some of the cutout styles spotted on the runways this year. If you own pieces that already incorporate such styles, this spring is the time to break them out and show a little skin like Emily Blunt does in this Prabal Gurung Collared Shirt Dress.



8. Show Y2K Some Love


From scarf tops to low-rise jeans and butterfly-themed pieces, there was a lot of love for early 2000s fashion in this year's runways. So, if you too want to appreciate the era, you can take inspiration from Jennifer Lopez, Britney Spears, Destiny's Child, and Christina Aguilera. 


9. Shrunken Styles


Speaking of Y2K fashion, clothing pieces are getting itsy-bitsy, not just bralettes and crop tops. From nude dresses and ultra-miniskirts to shrunken sweaters and tunic-length dresses, the fashion world is embracing shrunken styles. You, too, can embrace the style this coming spring. 



10.  Kitten Heels


Kitten heels were once frowned upon. Due to its small elevation, the design made little sense. However, now the design seems the best thing for the post-pandemic world. It's simply elegant but also comfortable. The designs have been seen on catwalks and street-style celebrities. So, if you don't quite like break-your-ankle platforms, try micro heels. They are timeless, easy, fun, and versatile (you can use them to tone down a look, add playfulness, etc.)


11. Naked Dress


Did you wear see-through dresses back then when they were in style? Well, if you didn't, you will get a chance this spring because they're sneaking around, albeit with a romantic element. Transparent gowns were seen at the Met Gala and in fashion runways. However, if you don't want to show much skin, you can always wear your favorite jacket or ​put a neutral bodysuit underneath.


12.  Sporty Pieces


You'd think we've had enough of leisurewear after spending two summers indoors in yoga pants during the pandemic, but no. According to Spring/Summer 2022 collections, it seems leisurewear isn't going away anytime soon. From tracksuits to tennis whites, many sports pieces got the fashion treatment, and this coming spring, you too can try the trend. For example, pair your tracksuit with a sleeveless tube top or your tennis whites with logo waistbands and a matching bag.


13. Layers


Whether glittery skirts over low-rise jeans or warm cardigans over lacy tops, layering is going to be big in spring 2022, and why not? After all, when the temperature drops when you are out there, you want to keep yourself warm in long scarves, satin capes, thick skirts, and ribbed leggings layered with dresses. There's nothing like the weather to make people overindulge.




Are you excited for spring 2022? You are not alone; the fashion world, too, is optimistic.  From body-empowering pieces like miniskirts to all-whites and solar power hues, it looks like it's going to be fire. Get the above pieces and others you feel will make the season magical.

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