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3 Tips For Your Winter Commuting Dressing By Commense

  If you are an Office Lady and want to maintain your sense of style in a decent commute outfit, then hopefully the following tips will give you some ideas for what to wear in your commuting outfits. There are many explanations for the collocation of commuting dressing, which vary greatly depending on your occupation and lifestyle. But we know that commuting dressing isn't limited to the office. It can also be worn in daily life, whether you're at work or on a date, or meeting your friends after work. We hope to maintain a good sense of fashion based on following the "TPO" principle in women's commuting dressing. The "TPO" principle is one of the basic dressing etiquettes. This is a combination of the first letters of three words: Time, Place, and Object. The TPO principle states that when dressing, one should consider "time, place, and purpose". Commense hopes our girls to pay attention to the following three tips

Pay attention to Overall Looking in Women's Commuting Wear

  The women's commuting dressing is usually neatly shaped and designed concise atmosphere. On the whole, the style is simple and atmospheric, capable but elegant. If the wearing style is mainly gentle commuting style, the color is mainly beige and brown, then the accessories should also be more gentle, you can choose silk scarves, handbags, or headbands. On the contrary, if the style is mainly business lady style, then the overall collocation needs to become more powerful. Therefore, the collocation of accessories should also be more tasteful and exquisite. You can choose to wear a watch or sunglasses.
 Fundamental Quilted Jacket By Commense
 When you don't want to wear an overcoat, this Fundamental Quilted Jacket will become the main force, light, warm, black, versatile, dirty resistant, and silhouette style. This kind of diamond pattern design is not only exclusive to Chanel, put this element in every aspect of our daily wear, which has a wonderful expression. You can wear a pure-color turtleneck sweater or a pure-color shirt under it. This kind of outfit is modern. When it and collocation of high waist pants which won't appear bloated version of the appearance of the wearer.                                                                                                                     
 Here are some examples for Commense girls to choose from
Commense Daily Wear collection
Commense Daily Wear Collection

Pay attention to Color Selection in Women's Commuting Wear

  Color is a very important part of clothing. If the body shape and color ratio are not appropriate, then the fashion sense of clothing, visual sense, and so on will be dragged down. This is an indisputable fact. In autumn and winter, the sheet that chooses a bright color to fasten is better because it can show bright and clever vision. Try to show the bright color department wear build and catch other people's eyeballs!
Commese Daily Wear Collection
Barbie Queen Sweater + Isla Ivory Skirt
   Striking and beautiful bright colors will leave you in the crowd and highlights your existence, as this Barbie Pink Sweater which has a high level of recognition. The bright color has strong and eye-catching, and it is taboo to combine the same colorful color again in daily outfits. If so, you will feel that the looking is like a peacock, with no priority, and the version will become aesthetic fatigue, so the sense of fashion will disappear. Bright colors are best combined with some of the original colors of the single product, such as black and white. Using some basic classic colors can show its essence.
Here are some examples for Commense girls to choose from:
Commense Daily Wear Collection
Commense Daily Wear Collections

(3) Be Good At Styling With Accessories in Women's Commuting Wear

A pair of earrings, a necklace, a hat or sunglasses, etc. you need to learn how to use, them in order to raise the whole sense of fashion and perfect interpretation of elegant demeanor in the winter season.
We provide some suggestions for Commense girls to choose from:
As a common accessory in winter, many girls already wear scarves when they go out. It can not only protect the neck from cold but also can be a decorative role so that the overall modeling of the senior sense and delicate degree are highlighted.
Commense Women Scarves
If most of your daily clothes are in a similar light color, use the opposite color in your accessories as a highlight point in your daily outfit. Like a sweater chain in a dark color or a vintage-style handbag.
Commense Daily Wear Collections
The head is also an important part of the human body, and most of the warmth of the body spills out from the top of the head. Therefore, choosing a hat that is warm and attractive can help slow down the outward flow of warmth from your body.
Commense Women's Hat
Overall, we have over 1000+ products for our Commense Girls. No matter what kind of style you prefer to wear, Commense always has one or more to satisfy your need!

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