Baggy Pants For A More Modern Interpretation

Baggy Pants For A More Modern Interpretation

A decade ago, slipping on a pair of non-tight pants was more associated with sagging pants that were popular in the 90s. This style of dressing first started in the hip-hop or skateboarding world as one of the many casual styles worn by street people who were active underground. It was first circulated in American prisons and among gang members. Wearing baggy jeans made it easier for them to conceal their weapons, and when these men were released from prison, they continued to wear them. Rappers who were initially associated with gang warfare eventually made the style official hip-hop style. It wasn't until baggy pants made their way onto the stage that they became popular to free people from the constraints of leggings that look casual but uncomfortable.


 Commense-Baddie Baggy Wide Leg Jeans


Today, we can see in 2020-2023 how various haute couture houses followed Baggy Pants and once again drew inspiration from the most primitive streetwear. They are always somewhere between being too loose and fitting detail so that they are fashionable and edgy. Over the years, this style has certainly taken its place alongside skinny jeans such as Petit Standard as a casual alternative.
Compared to the previous wave of low-waisted pants, which lowered the waistline to the disc bone, the prominent waistline greatly enhanced the sense of feminine charm. In this season, loose, crisp, straight pants have become more spontaneous and stylish, although not as sexy as low-waist pants, but are a more casual and elegant choice of pants.
High-waisted pants styles are numerous. For example, Chanel FW20 to SS21 have wide-leg&high-waisted pants matching, loose pants with Chanel's signature waist chain and Fanny pack, to enhance the proportion of legs, elegant and natural. In Louis Vuitton SS21, wide-legged, high-waisted pants and a thick belt are also a premium yet a casual option. At Alberta Ferretti and Fendi, brands put out an Oversized crowd from their suits, while MM6 Maison Margiela's SS21 took a simple street approach with Baggy Jeans and a sharp-cut top. Casual yet fashionable. Giving them an oversized look and an updated version of Baggy Pants, they're just like oversized and contemporary with Unisex cuts.
In recent years, fashion has always tried to find a way to explore the relationship between "individuality and community" from the youth generation. How to show self-individuality and how to turn this appeal into a way that can really become every day, which is the continuous evolution and change of clothing silhouette as we have seen. Fabric and technology, cutting and color, can not be separated from the selection of a silhouette and then the innovation of the premise. When we can see enough, the inclusion, diversity, gender equality, and identity of these factors determine whether the brand can truly come from the human need to dress to focus on the "real". If you don't have ideal tops to wear, you can come to our Baggy Collcetion, because we are already helping you to pick some tops which you can opt for baggy pants.



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