2022 Style Guide: The Biggest Spring Trends of the Season

2022 Style Guide: The Biggest Spring Trends of the Season

2022 Style Guide: The Biggest Spring Trends of the Season


After months of dormant state, you could be fooled into thinking that Spring fashion in 2022 feels a little more redundant. While the fashion world has had a quiet year, the spring season has seen some sincerely stylish and bold designs.

Huge and commanding blazers, sleek face masks, and bold blue bags have dominated Fashion Weeks in the past few weeks. The most impactful decades have heavily influenced the spring season's style. Let's turn over a new leaf and embrace the finest of Spring fashion as nature blooms.


Good Trench


One strategy to the current fashion conundrum is to distil down to basics, which boils down to a straightforward question: What do you want to dress right now?

The inventive trenches available for spring might well be predicated on a classic idea, but they're not your pretty standard belted attire. Thanks to dramatic lapels, drop waists, interesting slits, and bold sleeves, you could have the trench and the statement item at once.


Button Down


To think your overly large shirting is "husband's shirt," "dad's shirt," or "loaned from your boys" is so passé. Allow the double XL to be solely yours. Billowing silhouettes inspired by standard poplin reinvented in vibrant shades and orange, spruced up as dresses, displayed extra wide and extra-long, or with fractions that help you appear twice are all part of the look.


Boyfriend Jackets with Oversized Shoulder Pads


With an extra-large boyfriend blazer in the style of the 1980s, you can make a long-line silhouette and experiment with shapes. The outerwear lengthens the legs and tightens in the waist with the help of your shoulder pads.

Pair the above look with straight-leg pants or leather shorts; shades that satisfy this pattern include powder blue, neutrals, and charcoal for an ultra-modern appearance. You can conveniently dress it up or down for a casually stylish look.



Knee High Boots in White


It's a classic Gogo performer's inspired product of footwear – white knee-high boots – that will transport you back to the 1960s. It's an approved look that is a stylish way to advance your outfit, taking inspiration from the mid-century Youngsters Revolution.

It looks great with a printed skirt or mini dress, funky leggings, or a roll neck. Choose a slouchy design for a relaxed vibe or keep it tight and sleek for a sexier look this season.


Swap your sweatpants for a pair of statement-making pants.


It's now necessary to break the leggings and sweatpants cycle dependency, and the spring 2022 collections certainly provide plenty of options. Wide-leg, spacious trousers, which you can find everywhere in the online collection, COMMENSE is among the most popular.

Not sure about you, but it's hard not to wear high-waisted jeans and pants. Low-waist pants, particularly those with a straight or flared leg fit, will have a major moment during spring.


A plain simple black low-rise set is versatile, as it can be suited up or down. They also have stretch, allowing them to feel somewhat like leggings.

Wide-leg pants are great for lounging and sitting, and they look great in action.


Bags with Fringing


Allow your handbag to speak for you once it's time for making a statement. The bag's fringing is among the most popular looks during spring. Allow the culms to hang down nearer the fabric and almost touch the ground for maximum effect – the extravagant layout is sure to impress and keep one feeling stylish.

You can wear the piece with either shearling or leather fringe. You could rock it on any season as it works for almost all events.

Pick dark hues such as black or brown for a classic style but go for bold colors like green or red if you want to shake things up. It's the item to choose if you want to change your everyday look!


Puffy Sleeves


The humongous sleeves are back for next season, and designers couldn't be happier that the larger-than-life specifics are sticking around a bit longer. For an enjoyable 'day to night' style, pair it with statement pants or short pants and cute split skirts for sunny park hangs.


The puffy sleeve medium dress isn't going anywhere, either, with squishy white cotton or soft leather choices putting a new twist on the laid-back appearance. The tagline for the spring season is 'the larger the sleeves, the nicer,' regardless of how you dress them.


Camel and Yellow Color Styling


Keep it simple with yellow and camel-colored styling – a pattern from the 1970s that has been given a new lease on life. No matter what clothes you desire to wear, mixing and matching these shades brings depth and dimension to the ensembles.

For cooler months, attempt a brownish coat or suit and a mustard turtleneck, a stylish tan T-shirt, and a pair of camel flare trousers. This season's hottest style is a subtle yet flattering combo.


Khakis with a Twist


You can mix lighter hues of khaki with all your favorite denim looks. The tan material, formerly known as chinos, is taking a high makeover in overly large, slouchy versions matched with sweater vests, uber-feminine portrait blouses, tailored blazers, and more sparkly than you would expect.


Accessories in a Pop of Blue


Why would you want to blend in since you were born to stand out? To update one's go-to outfits, bring a bit of blue to the monochrome ensemble. The aesthetic of this fad is the endless lot of possibilities you can experiment with during the season.

Pick an all-black or all-grey attire when styling the pieces. Among the darker shades, the vibrant hue would then stand out. Mix up your accessories to develop a new look for your key details.


Take away.


Designers at COMMENSE are ready to move forward and see what the hotter weather has in store in the styling department after years of changing from PJs to loungewear and then back to jammies every day. Even though fashionistas around the globe are staying home, they are still dressing up and rejoicing in the pleasures of clothing.

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